I keep seeing cool phycidelic photo’s saying things like “Expand your mind” “Higher consciousnesses” etc. How about going the other way? Enjoy your instincts? A good laugh, some tough and tumble sex. Get a sunburn. Grab someone’s ass (with permission of course). Get in a fight, kiss and make up, flip off a fellow driver, and let someone merge, Plant a tree, or chop one down. Use the high octane fuel, to drive to the Thai Temple and eat some food those little Asian women make. Get jealous, and get over it. Get out of your head, and into this world a bit? My 3rd eye is my cock, and I can see clearly through it. I’m just saying… stop trying to over look that you are human. Anyways with that being said… 1000’s of people have had fun at Bikini Laser Tag so far. They have made my life… well … Super Human. Working on a way to say thank you with my actions. ~Nerdo

Monday, April 15th, 2013

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