In response to someone posting about doing Meth on facebook : I’m a big enough boy to know when I should delete people. No need to suggest it. Your post are harmless to me. However since the FEDs own the biggest portion of Facebooks stocks, posting like this can get you, your friend, and your dealers in trouble. Your self value doesn’t outweigh the fact that you are broadcasting / promoting drugs. If I’m correct, what you are doing is looking for the easy answer to “Meth” and there is no easy answer. Your friends, and family are first to go, then your teeth.. Once your body looks like a meth head, you can’t get work… and if you do, it’s sexual and not paid well. The easy answer is “don’t do meth”, don’t do molly, smoke weed, eat shrooms, paint a friends house… teach a puppy new tricks. Your body isn’t facebook, You can’t tell it, fuck you , if you don’t like me doing meth, delete me. ~Nerdo

Friday, June 7th, 2013

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