In response to people telling me I should get off my high horse and not try to teach ignorant people: Um, you can’t fix stupid. Ignorance is fixed with education. Joey, something tells me you have no clue what I’m working on. Those kids selling shit, we’re show the wrong way. I care enough to try to show them a better way, that ten years down the road will afford them a family. I’ve seen it since the 80’s. I know the results that certain paths lead to. I care to commit my life to helping people find a right path. I’m not preaching religious of false hopes, I’m preaching keep your shit in check so that when the time comes, you can earn that big pay check, buy that house, drive that car, raise those babies… etc. Hugh, I throw the parties to bring people in a place to enjoy other people. My parties have so much to do that one doesn’t need to do drugs, because it’s not just a room full of people standing around trying to get laid. They are bowling, shooting, skating, rock climbing to EDM music trying to get laid. Your negative spins on my reality is the same as many others. HOWEVER it will not deter my efforts to keep pushing the music, self control, respect towards others, in their efforts to become something better then they are today.. even with their mistakes. I rather these “Scumbags” learn to be part of a community before they get arrested. And my “POST” about these people is because I befriend ANYONE who is willing to try to be part of the bigger picture. This post like everything else will fade into oblivion. But if one person says “ya know what, I’m gonna ask someone for a ride tonight, because I’m to drunk” or someone says “I better clean out my car before going to ybor” or something as simple as not posting their picture of them smoking weed on face book, then this POST, no matter how offensive to you. Did more then let me stand on my self entitled soap box and spout my “Anti drug” rhetoric. ~Nerdo

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

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