Can someone please create a new government that is actually run by the people for the people. I’m not happy and I don’t see how I can be happy with things the way the are. I was cool with wolves herding all us sheep around, making money off our wool, and keeping themselves fed as we had fun fucking… but now that they dressed all us sheep to look like wolves, It’s not fun anymore. We the people of the USA see the shit you are doing and it looks like the shit we do when we think you are not looking and it sucks. If you are going ignore our rights, force illegal taxes on us, arrest us with out warrant , keep us locked up without due process, at least hide the shit so we don’t live in fear of you. You are fucking with my pursuit of happiness, because ignorance is bliss and you guys are doing this shit blatantly in our faces. There is a petition that will be passed around at events that I’m at. It says “yo, we wanna smoke weed to be happy” and it needs to be signed. I don’t smoke weed because it’s against the law. I would like that law changed on a federal level. I need your help to actually help that law be changed. We the sheep of USA , wanna be happy. !! Murcia! ~Nerdo

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

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