When I first showed up, people resented me because I don’t do drugs, and I didn’t know who Dj’s were , because I was throwing successful parties with no experience and they all assumed it was to get laid and resented me for being successful at what I did. People keep asking me to this day, how do you get all the chicks? It doesn’t make sense. I figured I would explain one thing… I don’t used drugs or booze as lube, I don’t use Klout to undo bras. I don’t pretend to be enlightened and drop all the hippy panty dropping words like shackra, fractals, what’s your sign etc. I don’t drop names of DJ’s I know, or tell people the places I’ve been… It’s simple. I used knowing DJ’s to hear good music, I use drugs to heal me when I’m sick, and I use personal spiritual alone me time for enlightenment when I’m poopin. I used getting laid as the reason to get laid. There are a few things you should strive for. 1) Get laid2) get laid by who you wanna get laid by if you can.3) Once you understand the human body, start to be picky3) Try to not let who you sleep with define your character. 4) Try to define who you sleep with by your character. 5) Everyone leaves a mark, even if it’s an eraser. This is the hard part. Nice young person is shown lots of attention , likes it , has sex, and then is ignored. They just got damaged. They just had part of what made them a good partner erased. Don’t destroy your lovers character for your selfish needs if you can help it. ~Nerdo

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

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