I need to express something about our CAMP at Afterburn. I want everyone to know I am not inviting anyone. I am welcoming anyone. HOWEVER even thought anyone can camp with us. You will need to know your 11 principles. You will have to participate. You will have to have a sense of community, show civic responsibility. I expect you to be creative. To express yourself, to be in the moment. I expect you to team up with the others to plan your meals, to know who’s bringing the hammer for your tent stakes. I expect you to leave the camp and explore others. I expect you to not deny anyone the pleasure of meeting you. I expect you to understand thieves and moochers will be there and for you to protect yourself and our fellow camp mates from them. I expect you to respect the “Elitist burners” along with the sparkly ravers and try to teach them that all 11 principles are to be striven for, not just pick and chose what ones you wanna shove in other peoples faces. This is not the sparkle pony ranch. This is serious. This is something that has changed my life. This is not a festival. This is a Burn. ~Nerdo

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

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