I realized something talking to a friend today about crappy situations. This is not the only reason … but this my idea.. I think I now know what causes separation in our scenes. What is love? What do we do when we love? WE take care of the things we love… (if we are smart) . So If i don’t pay a DJ in cash, the DJ’s that need cash to feel validated, feel unloved, they aren’t taken care of. The feel they are being taken advantage of because it’s about them and not about the event, or the people. Most of my biggest haters come from people who took something from me and I won’t let them take more… or I have something they want and I won’t give it to them. Some hate me because I do something against their moral beliefs too. All valid reasons. As some of you know, when I did things not BLT or Camp Airstream, I paid the Dj’s what I could. We took care of each other … and it felt good, but the community didn’t take care of us so we let that go. There are people who hate on me because it just how it is. There are people out there I really don’t like. I still try to love them. It’s not easy. IF I could fix the scene. I would some how teach everyone it’s not about them. But if they want it to be about them, give selflessly… and it will come to you… and be warned, that people out there will try to take it from you when it does. Don’t become negative or guarded… Just keep giving to the community ,and good will come to you…along with the bad… but… this time, the good will come from within you. No liar, friend with good intentions, hater, thief,ego maniac, drug addiction, ex lover ,space alien sex ninja , drum and bass head, and or dirty old Nerd with opinions others than yours can take that away from you once it’s yours.. If we all gave more then we take… we would receive more then we could ever dream of having. We would be the suns in our own galaxy. Stars in our own pornos, leaders in our communities, the care takers and the care givers and most important to me… fuel to the fire. Ass n titties… ass ass titties titties. Also if you read this, and really like it… I suggest you find one of the coveted Afterburn tickets, and come be part of a community where giving is not only a gift, but a fundamental guideline for survival. ~Nerdo

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

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