People who hate on nerd 1) people who have no clue who he is an think he’s sex and drug seller 2) people who owe nerd money when he helped them out in a time of need 3) People who wanted to make money off nerd and didn’t 4) People who dont like that nerd thinks he can get any girl he wants (and does) 5) People who feel bad deep down about nerds anti drug abuse rants 6) People are offened about how good my life and they aren’t shining as bright when the spot light is on me. 7) What i said to them wasn’t what they wanted to hear I cut them off from using me with little in return to the community. 9) Their girlfriend said hi to me with a big smile. 10) Cause fuck you, that’s why. I forget the rest… but to all of you. I love you. ~Nerdo

Friday, December 13th, 2013

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