There is no King in the EDM realm. I refuse to believe Molly is the rightful air to the dance floor. 100’s have stood up against her, while 1000’s fall to her charisma. Who’s leading them? Is this magical world of limitless fractals , free roaming sparkle ponies, legions of harden playa warriors, and self loathing trolls our home? It seems to me our fractured scene is held together buy the nobles, knights, wizards and trolls. Most are positioning for power using magic potions to win the minds of the young people having already secured the elders with pills. The only glimmer of hope I truly see are the goddess who use there innocence to capture our hearts, and there warrior spirits to keep them pure. “How do we bring the people under a a banner other then drugs.” is an insurmountable quest I have chosen to undertake. Am I alone? ~Nerdo

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

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