There is no such thing as a dead beat dads, only a woman who hasn’t made a good choice in lovers and lawyers. Shit talking them scares prospective lovers away. Who wants to help raise someone else’s kids when there is baby daddy or baby momma drama? All you gonna get is people to hit it and quit it. Not someone who will teach and mentor your kids along side you. Spend more time loving your kids, and less time expecting anything from them that a lawyer can’t get for you and you will be that much better off for it. Goes both ways too, if you got an X trying to be parent withing their means, don’t go trying to get everything you can from them. Love and support them as an equal parent to your child. Love and support your ex’s new love, and expect the same. It’s hard, but its’ about the kids. Lawyers are for when they aren’t trying to do the right thing. Support your babies daddy or momma anyway you can, so they can support you. Even if it’s with tough love. This is my opinion. ~Nerdo

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

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