I see nothing wrong with teenage girls getting prego. That’s natural. I just wish there were insurance policies families could take out on them as soon as the hit 13 and end on the 20th birthday. Premiums could be based off location of living, iq, how she dress’s, single parent or not, religious up bringing, race, and or political views. Deductibles should be doubled for each kid after and it has to come out of cigarette money. IT could be called “Baby Daddy Support Money” and young mothers could depend on BDSM to help effectively raise their children in a strict obedient method as dictated by the policies underwriters. Through the corset of the pregnancies, they will be documented in photo’s stored on a website to help prevent fraud. The website will be accessible with monthly premiums and deductibles to write to the girls from Russia. I bet if the insurance companies get behind this idea, congress and the president would make it mandatory and we would never have to deal with the burden of expecting young men to do their best at supporting the offspring that they created. It should be forced on sterile guys to pay into the system. The would have knocked up a girl or 2 if they had working gear. Lastly…. I think if the girls wanna give the baby up for adoption, the adopting family has to pay for the tummy tucks, boob jobs and therapy for the recent mother and that shouldn’t come out of the insurance fun. An other option… we as individuals can reach out to friends and family who are going to be having a child, and see if there is anything we can do to help them stay in school, not make them feel as if they are making a huge mistake, and giving them 2x the love we did before because there is an other person there to love. This is just an idea I came up with, haven’t givin it much thought. I’m pretty sure you guys can fill in the gaps, see things I over looked like sponsorship from GMO free breast milk farms or something.. anyways, love you guys. ~Nerdo

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

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