6 am thoughts: Not Every Bikini laser tag has a kid attached to it. Many do. “We met at BLT” . ” I met my babies daddy at BLT. ” Not just kids.The event has made many couples. Its a panty dropper.
Lots of guys want me to teach them how to get girls. They don’t know what to say and think I do. The problem with teaching guys how to get girls, is thats exactly what they do with my knowledge. It lessens the quality of the women. If they think a nice man is courting them, but they end up being a cum dumpster to a fuck boy when they open up and explore. This has now made them less dedicated to the next guy. These guys don’t have the ability to care enough to say “You are really beautiful, and I’m flattered you are offering me your body, but we aren’t what you want”. They are just happy to get whats available. The ones who know how to get girls just nut n leave. Fathers, teach your boys (if his mother lets you be part of his life) to get a girl instead getting girls. Teach him to let a girl know shes special, and that he’s not trying to jizz in the first girl who does drugs with him. That’s how a young man ends up with child support on his ass by the age of 20 and little to no way to ever get real momentum.
All these single moms are breeding single moms because as 17 year old girl feels that having a baby make her own the boys heart who knocked her up. No, she just owns his future. She figures out after breaking up with him for the 30th time, they weren’t meant for each other. You can’t own someone that didn’t come out of your dna. Kids coming out as adults 20 years later saying ” My dad wasn’t around and I came out alright” instead of saying “I love my parents” is something that is kind of sad to me. Untrained boys n girls They don’t know the difference between a dna compost bin and a dumpster . So teach your sons that fathers do matter. Teach them to find a girl. Not get girls. Maybe they’ll find one whos mother taught them that fathers do matter, and she will chose to accept his offer of forever. Ladies, teach your girls that you don’t have to fuck for someone to like you. I love and am great friends to many amazing women, regardless of busting a nut or not. I don’t resent that a girl doesn’t want my jizz. I appreciate they want my friendship.
Its hard learning to be with someone. It’s easier to quit smoking than it is to stay in love. Without devotion, you’re just part of someones cycle of everyone leaves me.
To you guys out there that don’t know how to get girls. You’re lucky. You still have the hope of finding a girl. Here is a tip. Please don’t abuse it. You don’t have to know what to say to a girl. You just have to know what you are offering her. There are no knights in shinning armor these days. Show her you’re willing to protect her with a night in shinning latex. Protect your family before you start. Wait to find your wife to nut freely. Don’t make a broken family because pulling out ain’t easy. And no mater what her doctor said about her not being able to have kids. Her pussy is magic. Its there to make babies. It will make one. She will keep it because she though she couldn’t be a mom and you will pay for it. You will have your lisence revoked and your passport taken. No travel for you. Just child support.
So yeah, condom suck, but if you let her know you don’t have experience so condoms are awkward… She’ll help you get it, without knocking her up. Be brave enough to wear it. Be brave enough to be a good man. You’ll see the quality woman through the sea of ratchets when you do.


Thursday, May 26th, 2016

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