Late night thoughts.

Tl;Dr. There are valid reasons for Trump to ban countries and it’s legal. Law posted at the end. Don’t mistake me as a Trump supporter

Imagine you threw a house party and you saw some shady tweekers show up. So you lock your bedroom door till you can feel them out. N get back to tending to your party. Someone noticed the door locked soon after a black friend of yours had with full permission pooped in your bathroom leaving a bad smell. Instantly your spouse, kids, in-laws, and neighbors call you a racist and are extremely offended that you locked them out of your room. Word gets out that you don’t want blacks in your house and everyones vibe turns to… She sucks, or damn right she can protect her house from negro invasion. Tensions flare… You lose the respect of your black friends and your Mexican friends. Your redneck friend sees you as reserving the bed room for them and starts fighting the blacks because they upset you because they think you locked the door because they were black and the red necks resent that the blacks feel entitled to use your bathroom not caring that you let a friend use it that you forgot was black. In the mean time the tweakers are quietly mooching cigs, drinking the fancy wine, creeping out your normal friends n selling meth as Molly going through your mail. As the party clears out you now have to try to force the tweekers out n the red necks have all been arrested for being violent racist so they aren’t there to help. When you finally give up n call the cops to remove the tweekers.. the cops say “sorry, you shouldn’t have let them in.. you’ll have to file an eviction notice. Now they are eating your food , pawning your shit n your only safe haven is your room that you locked. You are a fucking racist asshole and you don’t deserve that house. You need to unlock that door you bigoted piece of shit and let us decide who gets to use your shitter. Oh n don’t try to protect your possessions in your room either. You need to give that to the people you offended as restitution. Wait what.. the tweekers stole your shit.. well you should have taken better care of it…

Till you get robbed enough times by the people you help you’ll never understand what Trump is trying to do. Till you see the countries our government has hurt from the inside, you’ll never know what it’s like to be hated the way we are hated. There are very dangerous people out there… He’s just trying to limit how many get access to our bedroom.

I’m not a Trump supporter. My biased opinion is I’m so not a fan of everyone running with a loaded weapon because the internet drops a meme saying “Trump did something evil” when the rest of the story says “that every new president does when they take office.”

I’m lead to believe 4 presidents before him did this and
Obama was working on this and Trump put it in place. However the president did it without warning other than he said he was going to do it once he was in office.

The alien ban law is here:

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

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