It used to be that it took a key to unlock a woman’s heart. Now it just takes a key bump to get to the pussy.

I wish I could tell every single 16yo girl this: After you pick up your first hoop, joint, and fuck boy. Put everything but the hoop down. Finish your last bit of school n don’t let anyone help you be woke with a little baggy of powder. People who don’t sleep get pretty bad pretty quick.

I would suggest to them….. Don’t let the first impression you make on a boy be your pussy. Most Fuck boys can’t last longer than 3 dates before they find someone easier. So hold out to the 4th. N let that date be a trip to the clinic to get tested.

I would buy them a glass of their favorite booze. I would pour it into a flower pot…. As it leaks all over the table… I would explain to them. This is what it’s like to date a broken person. You can pour all your good into a person, but if they aren’t designed to contain you… You’ll just become as useless as a flower pot to an alcoholic. N trust me, a wine glass full of fertilizer won’t taste very good either. Girls aren’t learning this from their daddies . Many Momma’s never learned it to teach it.

We pretend that 16 yo aren’t horny, curious and that they don’t know everything already. Just be honest with them.


Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

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