Next project idea.

I’m going to open up a single moms home. Basically it’s all party girls with baby daddies who don’t give a fuck about them. They can all take turn baby sitting and talking shit about each other on facebook. I’m pretty sure I can get funded by big tobacco so it will be free rent. We will have class’s such as “How to get tattoos without catching STDs from the artist”. “How to be the top side chick to your favorite DJ. ” “How to get the best deal on Xanax using your food stamps”. “Best excuses to give the boss when missing your first day of work so that your friend who got you the job doesn’t start bitching at you” . Single girls will be welcome but there will be a private interview and an 9 month waiting period to see if they are accepted. The motto will be “Ain’t nobody gonna tell me how to raise my baby”.

I’m open to suggestions on other activities that cater to the young mothers of today.


Thursday, May 31st, 2018

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