Sopa RANT!The battle has not been won. The media is spinning “Shelved” as won. It just means they are waiting for us to stop looking. If that law pass’s, all our favorite porn sites will be at risk. That means all the creepers will have to leave their homes and come to were all the ravers girls run around half naked to find their fap material. So if you are a cute 18 year old, this stuff will effect you. It’s the porn sites that keep you safe at night. Call you local government and thank them for not supporting Sopa and Pipa. You don’t want to be sexual rehab for sex offenders because all the good porn comes from North Korea. No way would Kim Jong-il allowed for this law to pass. Our government took this opportunistic moment as we were mourning his death to try to sneak in the anti Disney pirates bill into place. Luckily we caught on by letting the blacks out for MLK day and they took over Google and wiki. Isn’t amazing that this country has come so far. We used to oppress blacks, and now the 100’s of black outs is what is protecting us crackers from the oppressors. FREE WILLY! See. Theses laws are starting a race war. Why? Because they can make more money of speeding tickets. Do you really want to be pulled over by an angry cop who is sexually frustrated because his favorite porn site is blocked by his boss? Do the right thing and call your local reps. Say “Thank you for not supporting sopa and pipa or or sneaking the text of those laws into an other child protection law like they did with the rave act. Only the previous sentence in this paragraph was serious. Disregard the rest of it unless your moms hot. If she’s hot, let her read this, then give her my number. Older women love guys that are full of shit , but admit it. Younger girls like boys that are full of shit, because they think it’s “Deep”. ~Nerdo

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

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