In referance to someone’s post about thanking someone for throwing a spiritual event. ‎@kate and non spiritual people too. It’s one of my greatest pet peeves that our beliefs keep us apart. We all flow in the same direction, we all want what’s best for others and our selves. We cast out those who do us harm, and hope that those who would do us harm learn the errors of their ways so we can welcome them back. I’ve grown into a role of protector of our freedoms of belief in regards to these events, not in the sense of carrying a gun to foreign soil, but in the sense of protecting it from ourselves and each other. One of the biggest threats to all of our groups… is the open mind. You open your minds to the ideas so wide, that you accept anything is possible, but you loose track of reality. YES fellowship is free. Cat’s post most likely came from a computer that wasn’t free, on internet service that wasn’t free, over data lines that wasn’t free, in a building that wasn’t free using educated English that wasn’t free to learn. I stand on the cusp of reality and fiction with all these communities, even the Catholics, and I protect them from themselves and others. We all flow, and it takes effort to keep the flow together. Events like this are needed, and it shouldn’t take one woman to do it. Thank you Carmen for all the things you have done for us and all our respective communities, even us non spiritual ones. I’m done ranting, and I’m going back to trying to see more boobies. ~Nerdo

Monday, May 21st, 2012

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