I’m about to be self righteous, I even pulled out my soap box for this one. I was just thinking… You can learn how to do math, or you can discover how to do math. You can be taught how to use PI in an equation, or you can be the person who discovered what pi is. Don’t you think think it’s great someone discovered it? I be straight up be thinking it be awesome they shared it with us dawg. There things they figured out with a life time of work gives us simple lessons that lets us spend more time figuring out the surface area of a circle so we can do more things with it. Like build boxes to put speakers in that give us the bass we feed off. Why not… learn from others lessons. We don’t have to learn how to not burn ourselves with fire the hard way. We don’t have to learn to respect the powers of drugs the hard way. Just look at a person teeth and the way they can’t sit still, learn from that before you become it. It’ sucks to be the one who gets an STD from someone you trusted. People who learned that lesson long ago, made condoms. Others have done it for us. Others suffered and made changes so we don’t have to. Even if we don’t understand it yet. Learn from them, they easy way, so you can enjoy the benefits, and avoid the pitfalls. You may never understand why you should wear your seat belt, but the day you do, you’ll be either grateful or regretful. Don’t take roxies unless you are already broken, or you will break. Don’t steal, or you will never have anything or own or care for. Trust, but don’t trust blindly, or they will steal from you and help you look for it. Right now I am your parent saying, come home at 10, wear a condom… do your home work… don’t run away. The boys/girls will always be there, that it’s not true love… it’s love of youth. I am your teacher telling you, show up on time for class, because you won’t keep a job if you are always late. I am the cop giving you a warning. Life is hard when you only eat what you can, vrs eating what you want. Ramon or Sushi… ? Imagin making that choice on your cravings, not on your budget? Your future will be your past before you know it and your past shouldn’t be filled with lessons learned the hard way. Learn from your leaders, your elders, your shamen. learn from your bibles, religions, and your existence. Learn the lessons they teach and make up your own mind based of knowledge, not ignorance. Follow those who follow great leaders… till you have a following for being a great leader, or stay back and watch.. whatever you do… learn… so you can teach. I just suggest you do it the easy way. Good luck and for the sake that all that is holy and sexy in this world, pick up your trash people. So for all of you people asking why I do it, it’s because I care. What is good music with out good people? The tits and ass is a bonus. Ok. now if I only new how to recycle soap boxes. ~Nerdo

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

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