Every day is a repeat of history. Every hope is turned into dread.Every friend is an accusation.Every thought shared is a challenge to fight.Every memory of the past is a threat to the future.Every promise is entrapment.Every effort is a futile gesture.Every injustice has found a blame.Every connection is a betrayal. Every post is a rumor.Every breath is a debt.Every favor is a hat that doesn’t fit.Every trust is a facade. Every thrust is a mistake.Every accusation is inspiration.Every kiss is a deferment.Every instant is a test of patience.Every side to the story is the owners truth.Every ounce of respect was not earned, but issued on credit.Every fault becomes your own.Every touch becomes sadness.Every word is twisted.Every laugh is pushed father apart.Every insult is given wings.Every bit of respect earned has been taxed heavily. Every insecurity becomes a lover to compete against.Every attempt to change is proof of weakness.Every facebook post is an invasion of privacy. Every fight is about who’s right. Every emotion is a game.Every attack is an invitation to a less than tender vengeance.~Nerdo

Friday, December 14th, 2012

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