Ok, one more then, it’s easy to call things shady, when you don’t have the ability to see the full light spectrum. Being one of the people who roll off hearsay and share that hearsay with others, is a disservice to themselfs and those people the infect. Just like a STD, get the results before you go infecting others, don’t assume you’re clean. “I don’t pay my DJ’s” Have you spoken to any of my “My Dj’s? ” Has any of your money gone through my hands and left you feeling ripped off? Is your inability to step up to the persons/organizations you are slandering and question their actions caused by your ability to speak ill of others so freely? How come the “Successful” people in the scene show me respect ? What makes you so different? What do you know that they don’t? Please share. Find one single DJ out there who was promised money and didn’t get it from any event I’m part of? Normally I would dismiss people doing what you do and I have ignored everything coming from your camp, but not you are hurting a wonderful group of people for no reason other then having to be “Right” with no foundations to your words. People who do the things you are doing normally are motivated buy jealousy or ignorance. What’s your motivation? How about you put your “proof” out here. I don’t like having debts, and If I owe anyone an apology, I’ll be the first to step up and pay it. Haters are gonna hate they say, but your efforts are to destroy what’s good in our scene. and when I say our.. I say any where music is played that is connected to the rave, rage and flow cultures. Thank you Patrick for standing up for me on this one. I was warned when I started that people like this existed and to just ignore them. However it’s hard to when they are hurting others in my name. YEs, Camp Airstream is my name. I take full responsibility for it, and it’s members. ~nerdo

Monday, April 1st, 2013

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