To my beautiful friend:

I understand you when you say “I don’t know him like you do.” I understand that you have invested so much in him. You say he’s a good guy underneath. That when it’s good, it’s really good. When I show you the cycle of lies and abuse, you justify it by showing you’re a loyal person, dedicated to making it work. There is something romantic about “US against the world” I understand. You don’t want to hear negative things about him and only get angry when I point out the way he treated his previous partners.

No, I’m not trying to fuck you. I’m not trying to get out of the friend zone. I’m trying to show you how you should be treated. He should take care of you when your down. He should help you reach your goals. You should not be looked down upon for caring for your family’s needs too. As someone who cares about you, I understand you are in an abusive relationship and telling you so will only alienate you. This makes me very sad. You are pouring the good you have into a broken vessel and it’s not my place to try to stop you. I guess you will have to learn for yourself or just wait till he ultimately leaves you and move on with his life. I’ll be there to try to help you out of the the mess he leaves behind for you. I will still love you and be here when that time comes. That is if you don’t resent me too much for being honest with you now.

I have to say it regardless because I would not be a good friend of I didn’t:

Trump is not good for you.


Sunday, January 20th, 2019

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